Storage Tiers

We get it: sometimes you just need more space. Rockaway Hosting offers additional storage for customers who’ve signed up for either a Personal Plan (with 10GB by default) or Business Plan (with 50GB by default). You can tack on extra storage at any time– no need to wait until your account is up for renewal! Check out our storage offerings below:

 Personal Plan:

5GBs- $2.00/mo       10GBs- $4.00/mo       15GBs- $6.00/mo

Business Plan:

25GBs- $10.00/mo       50GBs- $20.00/mo


If you have a Personal Hosting Plan, you may add up to 15GBs of extra storage space (or 25GBs total). If you need to more than 25GBs, you will need to upgrade to Rockaway’s Business Hosting Plan.

If you have a Business Hosting Plan and need more than an extra 50GB of space (or 100GB total), let’s chat about it.

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Video Training

1-hour session to get you comfortable with your account/website. We provide an explanation of the resources available to you & give you a chance to address any questions or concerns you may have. If you have another tutorial topic in mind, send us a message!

*Can be purchased more than once.

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Phone Support

All Rockaway customers have access to our support ticket portal from their Client Area Dashboard. But if you’re feeling like you may want a little extra assistance, call our private support phone number for exclusive, on-call support during business hours.

*Please note that this offer is only available for the Personal Plan. The Business Plan includes phone support by default. 

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